WHO WE ARE [continued]

With healthy scientific skepticism and its forward thinking in analytical metrology, Stranaska Scientific strives to make a meaningful difference in the way that the current paradigm for the traditional approach to chemical analysis and testing is viewed in some analytical and research laboratories. The Stranaska Scientific perspective is that a certain amount of scientific doubt in our confidence of the quality of chemical measurement data and results is always healthy because it facilitates constant awareness and keeps us from becoming complacent in our daily laboratory practices. Implementing the appropriate metrological quality controls and safeguards at the very beginning and doing chemical analysis and testing “right the first time” is far more productive and cost-effective than relying on corrective actions and remedial re-work after “suspect” laboratory measurement data and results are realized and brought to attention, sometimes when it may be too late as in the case of voluntary or demanded product recalls.

Always being mindful of the quality benefits of scientific metrological practices is a recommended mindset for all chemical sample preparation technicians, analytical instrument operators and reviewers of analytical measurement data and results. As a strong advocate of metrological transparency between producers and users of analytical measurement data and results, Stranaska Scientific promotes more frequent reviews of “standard” methodologies to reinforce sound analytical measurement practices in the chemical analysis and testing laboratory to ensure that laboratory measurement data and results are the product of sound and updated analytical methodologies that have scientific validity and defensibility.