Calibration and metrology technicians responsible for quality performance evaluation and qualification of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers may acquire a training credential simply by participation in a one-of-a-kind, in-person, hands-on short course and workshop session at the Stranaska facility.

A given training workshop is tailored to a single company that may send one of its technicians or its whole calibration/metrology team. Workshop attendees can only be from the same (or affiliated) company so that course content can be tailored to specific company needs and proprietary information can be shared. Career technicians and metrologists can use their Certificate of Attendance as proof of participation in analytical spectrophotometric metrology training so that auditors and quality assurance inspectors can readily confirm and document a technician’s qualification for the calibration jobs they are tasked to accomplish.

This career-based training is developed by the Stranaska Metrology Academy and coordinated through its educational outreach program. For more training information on how to reinforce the scientific integrity and defensibility of your analytical calibration programs for UV/VIS spectrophotometers and microplate readers, please contact the following:

Jerry D Messman, PhD
Senior Executive Director
Stranaska Metrology Academy
Email Address: [email protected]