A proven and documented quality track record of a calibration laboratory is one of the top criteria to consider for purchasing decisions when it comes time for the recertification of your UV/VIS reference material artifacts. Compare our track record to that of all the other commercial providers around the world.

Stranaska Metrology Laboratory has the distinction of having provided science-based calibrations of UV/VIS reference material artifacts for the longest time. We have been providing science-based calibrations of some of our CRM standards for nearly 24 years. Only Stranaska customers can truly experience the confidence and ease of mind when comparing that enviable metric and reputation to the history of other commercial UV/VIS calibration companies. Our noncompromising commitment to the scientific rigor of analytical metrology separates us from all of the commercial competitors.

Dates of First Recertified Units

  • CRM 400 – August 13, 1997
    Neutral-Density Glass Photometric Standard
    NIST SRM 930 Series Equivalent
  • CRM 500 – March 10, 1998
    Metal-on-Quartz Photometric Standard
    NIST SRM 2031 Series Equivalent
  • CRM 200 – January 21, 1999
    Liquid Absorbance UV/VIS Photometric Standards
    Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Solutions
  • CRM 1404 – April 22, 2003
    Reference Material Standards Kit for Spectrophotometers