Any commercial calibration laboratory, whether accredited or not, should have documented scientific expertise and acumen in analytical spectrophotometric metrology. Knowledgeable analytical metrology laboratories recognize the need that one calibration procedure does not adequately apply to all types of filters used to qualify analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers. Therefore, in order to issue meaningful quotations for recertification, certain detailed information is required for the quotation to be relevant or else the resulting calibration data may be incomplete or lack the necessary scientific integrity.

Any “calibration laboratory” that does not request this information when responding to a RFQ should be viewed with obvious skepticism.

Your RFQ should include the following information:

  • Company information including name, address and primary contact
  • Third-party companies must also include the same information for company that owns the asset
  • Type of measurement service: recertification, exit calibration or initial calibration
  • Complete model or product description of asset: e.g., NIST SRM 2031, Stranaska CRM 500
  • Report number or full report of most recent certification of the asset

Q. Why is the report of calibration for the most recent certification of the asset important?

A. This report contains most of the relevant information that is useful in issuing a meaningful quotation for a science-based recertification. The report provides identification of the asset, its filter configuration and the full scope of calibration so that options for an appropriate measurement methodology can be included in the quotation.

Please send your RFQ to the following address: [email protected]

For additional information, please call the Stranaska Metrology Laboratory at 970-282-3840