The Professional Track (ProTrack) of the Stranaska Metrology Academy is an expanded training resource for technicians and analysts currently working for their company in some capacity related to the broad scope of analytical instrumentation. Academy ProTrack provides a unique learning focus especially for calibration technicians who can impact measurement quality and data integrity in their workplace through their operation, maintenance, calibration and/or metrological quality assurance of analytical instruments designed for quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis. Historically, Stranaska’s own educational program predecessors of Academy ProTrack have focused on analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers and related spectrophotometric instruments commonly used in FDA-regulated laboratories.

Academy ProTrack disseminates knowledge and experience in analytical metrology through different pathways:

  • Online instructional consultation
  • Short course and workshop
  • Forensic expert scientist retainer agreement

Online instructional consultation through email exchange is intended for singular issues such as reviewing a standard operating procedure (SOP), critiquing a Report or Certificate of Calibration, or where a simple explanation is sufficient without the need for prior foundational understanding and discussion.

A company that requires more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more aspects of analytical spectrophotometric metrology may benefit the most by participation in a one-of-a-kind, in-person, hands-on short course and workshop session at the Stranaska facility. A given workshop is tailored to a single company that may send only one (1) of its technicians or its whole calibration/metrology team. Workshop attendees can only be from the same (or affiliated) company so that course content can be tailored to specific company needs and proprietary information can be shared. Career technicians can use their Academy ProTrack Certificate of Attendance as proof of participation in analytical metrology training so that auditors and quality assurance inspectors can readily confirm and document a technician’s qualification for the calibration jobs they are tasked to accomplish.

Dr. Messman continues to accept inquiries from criminal defense attorneys, public defenders and crime laboratories for his scientific insight and expert knowledge in analytical metrology and how it relates to quantitative forensic analysis including the scientific metrological validity of breath alcohol test results. Each inquiry is considered on a case-by-case basis, and may require specific affidavits and/or court testimony.

Please contact Dr. Jerry Messman for more training information on how to reinforce the scientific integrity and defensibility of your analytical calibration programs for UV/VIS spectrophotometers, microplate readers and related optical instruments. You may e-mail Jerry directly at [email protected] or call us at 970-282-7041 (Stranaska Metrology Academy) or 970-282-3840 (Stranaska Metrology Laboratory).

Academy ProTrack Director: Jerry D. Messman, PhD

Academy ProTrack Course and Workshop Instructors: Jerry Messman, PhD and Stranaska Metrology Laboratory Scientists (William Hartwell, Lucy Davis, Naveen Pradhan, Jens Yetter, Gwendolyn Sullivan)