The CA2M and CRM suites of STRANASKA® photometric reference material artifacts are intended for the calibration and/or verification of the photometric scales of molecular absorption spectrophotometers in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and short-wave near infrared (SW-NIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Each solid filter holder is fitted with removable Delrin shutters to protective the delicate filter optic when the filter is not being used. Individual anti-rattle springs are used to secure the filters in a protective canister designed for storage and transportation purposes.

The Certificate of Calibration for each measurement standard includes the certified photometric values, expanded uncertainties, calibration measurement conditions, metrological traceability statement, and instructional guidelines for use.

  • Neutral-Density Glass Filters
    • Commercial Version of NIST SRM 2930 Series
      • CA2M 701
    • Commercial Version of NIST SRM 1930 Series
      • CA2M 702
      • CA2M 720
    • Commercial Version of NIST SRM 930 Series
      • CA2M 703
      • CA2M 730
      • CRM 400
  • Neutral-Density Metal-on-Quartz Filters
    • Commercial Version of NIST SRM 2031 Series
      • CA2M 705
      • CA2M 750
      • CRM 500
  • Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Solution/Cuvette Filters
    • Commercial Version of NIST SRM 931 Series
      • CA2M 706
      • CRM 200