Analytical Forensic Metrology

Analytical Metrology in the Crime Lab

Analytical measurements play an important role in the scientific quantitative analysis of many types of forensic samples and trace evidence. The interpretational value and scientific validity of analytical measurement results introduced in court cases through expert witness testimony can impact bench and trial outcomes. As an enabling science, metrology provides the rigorous basis for the scientific credibility and defensibility of measurement results when they are challenged through intense direct and cross examinations.

Short Courses and Consulting

Dr. Jerry Messman provides instruction on how the scientific concepts and principles of chemical metrology applies to analytical forensic measurement science. Jerry has educated criminal defense attorneys, district attorney prosecutors, crime lab analysts and forensic science students on the ramifications of chemical metrology pertaining to various forensic topics including the analysis of breath and blood alcohol, seized drugs and trace evidence. Course content provides a basic introduction to chemical metrology and its relevance to the many facets of the overall analytical measurement process in quantitative forensic analysis. Selected courtroom outcomes involving the application of metrology in the determination and reporting of breath and blood alcohol content, seized drug testing and other applications of quantitative forensic analysis are presented.