SCIENCE-BASED Recertification of UV/VIS  Absorbance Microplates

  • Measurement Traceability to Appropriate NIST Standards
  • Measurement Uncertainty with Scientific Budgets

Calibration Options

  • OEM Calibration Methodology
    • OEM-MP – Lowest Cost and Quickest Turnaround
  • Advanced Calibration Methodology
    • ACM-MP0
    • ACM-MP1
    • ACM-MP2

OEM Microplate Recertification

  • MDC 0200-2405 ABS1
  • MDC 0200-6117 ABS1

Stranaska Metrology Laboratory is the ONLY microplate filter calibration laboratory in the world that can PROVE and DEMONSTRATE NIST heritage!​ This is critically important because the scientific credibility of the certified results of a microplate filter can not be any better that the scientific validity and defensibility of the analytical measurement design of the calibration procedure used for the certification.