Holmium Glass Wavelength Standard

The glass filter is mounted in an alloy holder with dimensions equivalent to a standard cuvette. This wavelength standard is offered in two (2) product versions: CRM 110 and CA2M 751.


  • glass equivalent to NIST SRM 2034
  • certified for eleven (11) absorption bands (spectral range 278 nm to 642 nm)
  • one (1) spectral bandwidth (1 nm)
  • certified wavelength values and uncertainties for absorption bands at custom spectral bandwidths available upon request
  • certified with routine scientific metrological rigor and traceability that is consistent with prevailing standard industry practices
  • routine uncertainty budget


  • enhanced version of CRM 110
  • certified with advanced scientific metrological rigor and traceability to a holmium oxide solution intrinsic data standard
  • one (1) spectral bandwidth (1 nm)
  • advanced uncertainty budget