A measurement services work order form (MSWOF) is created for each artifact standard that is received in the Stranaska Metrology Laboratory for recertification. The MSWOF initially serves as the proposed statement of work and then converts to the official terms of work agreement for the recertification when the customer completes and returns the signed and dated MSWOF. A representative MSWOF with eight (8) sections for the recertification of a photometric standard is listed below.

The first three (3) sections of the work order form is completed by the Stranaska Laboratory Manager. The customer is requested to review and to initial the entered information to confirm its accuracy.  The identify and filter configuration of the submitted artifact standard recorded in the first section confirms that the artifact standard is indeed the one that the customer intended to send in for recertification. The previous certification reference document is recorded to identify which previous certification results are used for comparative purposes in the as-received data analysis.

The last five (5) sections of the work order form is to be completed by the customer.

Measurement Services Work Order Form (Photometric Standard)

  • Reference Material Artifact Submitted
    • Reference Material Artifact
    • Filter Configuration
    • Previous Certification Reference Document
  • Measurement Scope of Calibration
    • Calibration Model Option
    • Calibration Interval
    • Recertification Measurement Fee
    • Recertification Turnaround Time
    • Photometric Test Wavelengths
  • Purchase Order Information
    • Purchase Order Customer
    • Purchase Order Number
  • Customer Contact Information
    • Company
    • Individual
    • Telephone
    • E-mail
    • Shipping Address
    • City/State/Zip
  • Artifact Ownership and Asset Information for Report of Calibration
    • Company Name
    • Asset Identification
    • Company Location
  • Customer Return Shipping Authorization – Courier Service
    • FedEx Prepay and Add
    • Customer FedEx Account
    • Customer UPS Account
  • Customer Credit Card Information
    • Credit Card Number
    • Name on Credit Card
    • Expiration Date
    • Security Code
  • Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement
    • Printed Name
    • Signature
    • Date

Terms of the Measurement Services Work Order Form

Customer signatory confirms the customer’s understanding and acceptance of this work order form as being the official statement of work for the requested recertification. Only measurement service requests with signed work order forms will be accepted.

Stranaska Scientific reserves the right to either reject any measurement service work order form that is incomplete and to return it to the customer for appropriate revision, or to accept conditionally any incomplete measurement service work order form submitted by the customer. When the latter occurs, customer agrees to accept Stranaska’s sole interpretation of all work statement items relative to the incomplete sections of the work order form.

In the event the customer fails to complete the calibration procedure options section and/or the calibration interval options section, customer agrees to accept Stranaska’s interpretation and decision as best and final concerning these work statement items.

The measurement service fee for any calibration procedure option defaults to an evaluation only fee ($250.00 USD) in the event that a reference material as received is damaged to the extent that measurements can not be reliably performed as quoted on all of the filters comprising the artifact.

In the event of cancellation of the work order, the measurement service fee due is prorated to the nearest 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the quoted amount in accordance with the amount of work completed at the time of cancellation.

Recertification turnaround is expressed as the number of business days after receiving order (ARO).

Note that appropriate accommodation of the recommended calibration interval assumes that the interval can be justified and confirmed by scientific laboratory data and results for each filter.