STRANASKA® CA2M 710 – Potassium Iodide Solution/Cuvette Stray Light Test Standard
This reference material artifact is intended to check for the presence of stray light in the spectral region of 260 nm of molecular absorption spectrophotometers. Derived from the NIST SRM 2032, it is comprised of two solution/cuvette filters. One filter is a sealed cuvette containing water (serves as a blank reference), and the other filter is a sealed cuvette containing potassium iodide solubilized in water. When measured against the blank solution/cuvette filter, the potassium iodide solution provides nominal apparent absorbance (2, 3 and 4) and percent transmittance (1, 0.1 and 0.01) values at designated wavelengths. A total of 3 apparent absorbance results (each result represents the assigned value and its associated uncertainty) are provided in the Certificate of Calibration. The two solution/cuvette filters are provided in a protective canister for storage and transportation purposes.