Stranaska Scientific LLC is a vital link in the measurement quality chain of analytical laboratories. Stranaska’s renowned expertise in chemical metrology is applicable to analytical laboratory processes in the life science industry as well as in crime laboratories and related forensic testing facilities. The company’s unique resources are especially beneficial to all laboratories in analytical testing, quality control (QC) and manufacturing support.

Stranaska Scientific LLC supports analytical testing laboratories in the development and implementation of a strategic quality culture that enhances the scientific validity, interpretation and defensibility of their chemical measurement process results in analytical instrument qualification (AIQ) and materials analysis. Specifically, with its specialization in analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology, Stranaska Scientific is dedicated to the virtues of this science-based paradigm as an accepted means to mitigate the shortcomings and lack of scientific USP guidance that currently prevail in the qualification of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers. Laboratories that learn to embrace the scientific concepts of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology for underpinning their processes in spectrophotometer AIQ will especially benefit when scrutinzed by quality auditors and regulatory examiners knowledgeable in this new science-based paradigm.

In the life science quality chain, Stranaska Scientific partners with ethical manufacturers and suppliers by helping to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical drugs, medicines, therapeutics and medical devices that are eventually distributed to consumers through pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and related medical facilities. The company plays a critical role in analytical instrument qualification (AIQ) in support of FDA and USP laboratory requirements to help ensure the accuracy and scientific validity of laboratory measurement data that will be used in management decisions regarding the release of pharmaceutical and biotech products. Stranaska Scientific is best known around the world for its commitment to using its expertise to help expose inadequate or flawed measurement methodologies that may unwittingly impact the intended purpose and inferred credibility of “calibration stickers” affixed to analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers in FDA-regulated quality control (QC) and manufacturing support testing laboratories. The company prides itself in supporting those FDA-regulated laboratories that recognize this and, in turn, appreciate and fully embrace science-based spectrophotometer AIQ from a chemical metrology perspective.

Don’t mislead your laboratory manager by instilling a false sense of security. Contact us today and learn how to avoid both “false positives” and “false negatives” in the qualified state of your analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometer.