The Stranaska Journal of Analytical Research and Measurement Analytics (SJARMA) is published internally by Stranaska Press.

Editor: Jerry D. Messman, PhD

Authors: Jerry D. Messman, Melissa Hartwell, Doug Martinez and Jeff Crawford


  • 19970800 – Calibration and Validation of UV-VIS Absorption Spectrophotometers.
  • 19981100 – Reference Material Standardization Guidelines for Quality Control and Validation of UV/VIS Absorption Spectrophotometers.
  • 19990900 – A Full-Service UV/VIS Measurement Science Program.
  • 20000001 – Certified Photometric Standard for Quality Control and Validation in UV/VIS Analysis of Lithographic Resist Materials and Processes.
  • 20000002 – Traceability Issues for Defensible Open-Loop Certification of UV/VIS/NIR Reference Material Standards.
  • 20000517 – Introduction to Spectro-Analytical Metrology.
  • 20010320 – Improving Laboratory Efficiency with Compliant Spectro-Analytical Instrument Calibrations.
  • 20031019 – Historical Review of Standard Refeence Materials for Analytical Spectrophotometry – A Tribute to Dr. Radu Mavrodineanu.
  • 20040000 – A Wavelength and Resolution Test Reference Material Artifact for Short-Wave Near-Infrared Absorption Spectrophotometry.
  • 20050200 – Introduction to Analytical Metrology.
  • 20050500 – Calibration Reference Material Artifacts for Spectrophotometric Validation of Dynamic Absorbance Measurements.
  • 20050313 – Analytical Metrology Perspective of Spectral Bandpass in UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry.
  • 20070309 – Examining Certified Reference Material Artifacts for Analytical Metrology.
  • 20121018 – Use of Intrinsic Data for Certification and Renewal of Holmuim Oxide Solution Wavelength Measurement Standards.
  • 20130001 – Qualification of a Reference Spectrophotometer for Absorbance Microplate Certification.