Shipping Instructions
Due to the delicate nature of spectrophotometer measurement standard artifacts, Stranaska Scientific recommends that the reference material be adequately packed in and surrounded by a copious amount of packing peanuts or other suitable packing material within a large box of appropriate cubic dimension, preferably with no dimension being less than 7 inches for a single measurement standard. It should be shipped standard overnight for next-day delivery to minimize the risk of damage to any of the filters comprising the measurement standard.

Measurement Services Shipping Address
Stranaska Scientific LLC
4025 Automation Way, Building F
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 USA

Order Placement and Payment Information
Stranaska’s spectrophotometric measurement services are acquired by providing valid credit card information (VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX) or by issuing an authorized purchase order directly to Stranaska Scientific LLC. The purchase order must clearly include: (i) the product name and number of the measurement standard, (ii) quotation reference number, and (iii) the appropriate measurement services fee. The purchase order must also have explicit billing instruction and accounts payable contact information. Internal purchase requisitions are not accepted in lieu of authorized purchase orders. International orders and/or drop shipments may require payment in advance.

Purchase Order Address
Stranaska Scientific LLC
Post Office Box 270334
Fort Collins, Colorado 80527-0334 USA

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