SAMEC was originally founded as a means to educate analysts, technicians, engineers and other support staff with responsibilities for the performance evaluation and qualification of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers in FDA-regulated laboratories. Tutorials and short courses were developed at the professional working level so that companies could learn to embrace the scientific principles and concepts of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology in their own testing laboratories. When implemented properly, this new knowledge and insight could be used to significantly upgrade the scientific defensibility of the standard procedures used to qualify laboratory UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers for enhanced quality control (QC).

The tutorials and short courses were presented around the country as part of professional continuing education programs at scientific meetings and conferences, at private venues in different cities, and also at Stranaska’s in-house learning laboratory. Registrants of the training events became credentialed in having attended one of these educational offerings.

The professional track of SAMEC expanded over time to include application to all fields of chemical analysis, testing and measurement. Stranaska’s expertise in analytical spectrophotometric metrology eventually caught the eye of an astute criminal defense attorney which soon launched the scope of SAMEC into the exciting professional field of forensic science and crime laboratory analysis.