Restricted-Access Laboratory Campuses

Purchase and Rental Plans for UV/VIS Standards

Analytical testing laboratories that out-source the qualification of their UV/VIS spectrophotometers may now be forced to consider alternate means of analytical instrument qualification if their laboratory campus has restricted access. Laboratories that are now forced to self-qualify their own spectrophotometers will likely find themselves in one of the following three (3) categories:

(1)   Lab currently has its own certified standards that are currently valid.

(2)   Lab currently has its own standards that are not currently valid and have expired.

(3)   Lab currently does not have any standards which it owns.

Lab Category 1

The laboratory is currently prepared and is in the best situation because it already has valid certified UV/VIS calibration filters. This allows the lab technicians to self-qualify their own analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers at a time that is appropriate and convenient for them.

Lab Category 2

The laboratory is currently in the position which requires recertification of its own set of UV/VIS calibration filters. The filters must be sent out to a credible calibration company that has the scientific and metrological credentials to perform a science-based recertification. Upon return of the recertified UV/VIS calibration filters, the lab technicians are now able to self-qualify their analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers as in Lab Category 1.

If you are in Laboratory Category 2, we provide science-based measurement services that include the recertification of NIST standards in addition to our own CRM and CA2M standards, plus all other 3rd party standards:

·  NIST SRM 930 + All Commercial Versions

·  NIST SRM 1930 + All Commercial Versions

·  NIST SRM 2031 + All Commercial Versions

·  NIST SRM 2034 + All Commercial Versions

Lab Category 3

The laboratory is currently in the position which requires the acquisition of valid certified UV/VIS calibration filters that would then allow the lab technicians to self-qualify their own analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers.

If you are in Laboratory Category 3, we provide science-based measurement standards that you can either rent or purchase. Our reference material artifacts for UV/VIS spectrophotometer qualification are produced and certified exclusively in the USA!

Recertifiable Standards Purchase and Rental Plans

·  Holmium Oxide Solution/Cuvette Filters

·  Cobalt/Nickel/Nitrate Solution/Cuvette Filters

·  Nicotinic Acid Solution/Cuvette Filters

·  Potassium Dichromate Solution/Cuvette Filters

·  Neutral Density Glass Filters

·  Metal-on-Quartz Filters

·  Stray Light Chemical Solution/Cuvette and Glass Test Filters

·  Resolution Solution/Cuvette Test Filter

Consumable Standards Purchase Plan

·  Holmium Oxide Solution Sealed in Ampoules

·  Nicotinic Acid Solutions Sealed in Ampoules

·  Potassium Dichromate Solutions Sealed in Ampoules

·  Stray Light Chemical Solutions Sealed in Ampoules


During these challenging times, Stranaska Scientific continues to remain open to support our loyal FDA-regulated healthcare laboratories around the world although we have put in place additional precautionary measures to protect employee health and safety at our own facility. We stand ready to help if you are in Lab Categories 2 or 3.