Improved Resolution Testing Without the Need for Toluene-Hexane Solution

If your spectrophotometer qualification procedure does not include verification and validation of spectral bandwidth (or resolution), your UV/VIS absorption spectra and measurement results may be at risk. Compliance can be ensured because spectral bandwidth and resolution testing is now simplified and easy to do!

While spectral bandwidth (or resolution) is the most fundamental instrumental parameter of a UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometer, it is perhaps the most misunderstood parameter and, unfortunately, one that often goes unchecked. This important instrumental parameter needs to be verified periodically because spectral resolution impacts the quality of both wavelength and absorbance measurement results. Toluene in hexane (TOL/HEX) is a reference material artifact that is commonly used for the verification of spectral bandwidth or resolution, but it is often avoided because of the realization of its drawbacks.

To continue with its history of innovation in UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology, Stranaska Scientific is pleased to announce the availability of its new resolution measurement artifact to verify and validate the spectral bandwidth of absorption spectrophotometers in the UV spectral region. It offers several key advantages over the use of toluene in hexane (TOL/HEX) for this vital performance evaluation and qualification task.

  • Resolution can now be validated in real time simultaneously when using a certified holmium oxide solution for validation of the accuracy of the wavelength scale
  • Ease of use because no reference blank solution cuvette is required
  • Better discrimination between spectral bandwidths for verification and validation within the nominal bandwidth range of 0.5 to 2.0
  • STRANASKA® concept can be used to upgrade SRM 2034, CRM 100, CA2M 709 and other commercial holmium oxide solution measurement standard artifacts
  • STRANASKA® concept can be used to upgrade CRM 1404 and other commercial spectrophotometer calibration kits that contain holmium oxide solutions

Stranaska Scientific has now made it convenient and easy for analytical testing laboratories conducting UV/VIS chemical analysis to verify and validate UV/VIS spectrophotometer spectral bandwidth and resolution! Contact us today and we will be happy to send you additional information for improved resolution testing.