Stranaska Scientific provides measurement services for the NIST-traceable recertification of calibration filters designed to test in accordance with USP the four spectrophotometer parameters: resolution, stray light (SRE) properties, wavelength scale accuracy and photometric scale accuracy. Using either routine or advanced calibration methodologies, we can recertify the following types of spectrophotometer filters:


CA2M 719

Stray Light
Cutoff Edge Glasses – CRM 600
Cutoff Edge Solutions – CRM 610 Series
Chemical Solutions – Potassium Chloride, Sodium Iodide, Sodium Nitrite, and Others

Holmium Oxide Solution – SRM 2034, CRM 100, CA2M 709
Holmium Oxide Glass – CRM 110, CA2M 751
Didymium Oxide Solution
Didymium Oxide Glass – SRM 2013, CRM 150, CA2M 752

Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Solution – CRM 200
Potassium Dichromate Solutions – CRM 300
Neutral-Density Glass – SRM 930, SRM 1930, SRM 2930, CRM 400, CA2M 701, CA2M 702, CA2M 703
Metal-on-Quartz – SRM 2031, CRM 500, CA2M 705, CA2M 750, CA2M 772

Note that in addition to the recertification of our own measurement standards (Refmacal and Stranaska brands), we also provide special one-stop measurement services for the recertification of ALL 3rd-party measurement standards (NBS, NIST, STARNA, HELLMA, THERMO, PERKINELMER , PRECISION CELLS and others) for UV/VIS spectrophotometers and microplate readers. Please contact us today for our special contract pricing for exclusive contract recertification of 3rd-party measurement standards.