This suite of STRANASKA® reference material artifacts are intended for the calibration and/or verification of the photometric scales of molecular absorption spectrophotometers in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and short-wave near infrared (SW-NIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Filters are available at a selected transmittance density (absorbance) up to nominal 3 absorbance units. Each CRM and CA2M filter is provided in a protective canister for storage and transportation purposes. Depending on the standard, the certification is valid for either one (1) year or two (2) years. The Certificate of Calibration for each standard includes the photometric reference values and expanded uncertainties at designated wavelengths, calibration measurement conditions and instructional guidelines for use.

Commercial Versions of NIST SRM 930 Series

  • CA2M 703 [Product 7030930 ] MAVRO Series
  • CA2M 730 [Product 7300930]
  • CRM 400 [Product 4000930]

Commercial Versions of NIST SRM 1930 Series

  • CA2M 702 [Product 7021930 ] MAVRO Series
  • CA2M 720 [Product 7201930]
  • CRM 400 [Product 4001930]

Commercial Versions of NIST SRM 2930 Series

  • CA2M 701 [Product 7032930 ] MAVRO Series
  • CA2M 710 [Product Version 7302930]
  • CRM 400 [Product 4002930]

Commercial Versions of NIST SRM 2031 Series

  • CA2M 705 [Product 7052031] MAVRO Series
  • CA2M 750 [Product Version 7502031]
  • CRM 500 [Product 5002031]

New Stranaska CA2M Standards [Extended NIST SRM Scopes]

Stranaska CA2M 761 LINEARITY

Three (3) glass filters facilitate linearity testing up to 3 absorbance units.

Stranaska CA2M 762 UV

Three (3) glass filters facilitate photometric testing in UV down to 220 nm. Glass filters attenuate incident light in the UV by ABSORPTION ONLY – NOT REFLECTION which is the primary attenuation mechanism for the NIST SRM 2031 series and commercial metal-on-quartz (MOQ) standards.

Stranaska CA2M 763 SW-NIR

Three (3) glass filters facilitate photometric testing in SW-NIR up to 850 nm.