Providing analytical metrology leadership in UV/VIS calibration for more than
25 years
as an established vital link in the FDA-regulated global supply chain

Stranaska Metrology Laboratory – the only commercial spectrophotometric calibration laboratory in the world that backs the integrity of the certified values and uncertainties of their UV/VIS reference material standards with scientific metrological rigor.┬á For this very important reason, you avoid costly “false positive” or “false negative” AIQ scenarios for UV/VIS absorption spectrophometers because you can trust Stranaska certification results in your test result interpretations and decisions.

The Stranaska Metrology Laboratory is the original STRANASKA scientific initiative and today it remains central to all of the other newer STRANASKA scientific initiatives. The Metrology Laboratory has three (3) emphasis areas related to state-of-the-art calibrations of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometric reference materials:

  • Measurement Standards
  • Measurement Services
  • Measurement Research

Degree-credentialed analytical scientists include Lucy Davis (Physics), Naveen Pradhan (Physics) and Jens Yetter (Chemistry).

Laboratory Manager: Will Hartwell

Laboratory Quality and Accreditation Leader: Jerry D. Messman, PhD; Associate Leader: Vacant

Laboratory Analytical Instrumentation Leader: Jerry D. Messman, PhD; Associate Leader: Vacant