Melissa D. Hartwell – Analytical Metrology Supervisory Scientist

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in astronomy and astrophysics from the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Florida USA). As Assistant Director and Laboratory Manager of the company’s analytical spectrophotometric metrology laboratory, Melissa is responsible for calibration and measurement services. In addition, she has primary responsibilities for laboratory quality assurance, accreditation, environmental health and safety, training and maintaining customer communications for order fulfillment and delivery status. Melissa provides leadership for lab-metrics which includes scientific calibration data analysis, statistical evaluations, estimation of uncertainty intervals and calibration data/report review. Melissa also supervises calibration transfer spectrophotometer operation, calibration data acquisition and training, and has responsibility for the control of certified spectrophotometer reference material artifacts.


Melissa posing at her poster stand at the American Chemical Society Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting on October 26, 2017, in Loveland, Colorado. Melissa’s poster presentation was entitled “Measurement Evaluation of Presumptive Out-of-Tolerance Observations for Spectrophotometer Calibration Filters.”

Previously, Melissa presented a poster entitled “Metrological Evaluation of a Potential Certification Bias for Potassium Dichromate Solution Measurement Standards” at the American Chemical Society 249th National Meeting on March 24, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. In the same Division of Analytical Chemistry General Poster Session, Melissa also co-authored a poster entitled “Mathematical Models for Quantitative Spectrophotometric Spectral Bandwidth Measurements.”