Measurement services for the recertification of spectrophotometer filters are available from national metrology institutes and commercial calibration companies. To ensure scientifically-valid qualification of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers as part of the extensive FDA-regulated laboratory process in maintaining consumer health and safety around the world, spectrophotometer filters such as SRM 930 and SRM 2031 should have certification properties that can withstand the intense scrutiny of auditors and inspectors. For example, the certification methodology must be based on an advanced calibration model (ACM) or else the trueness of the certificate values may be challenged, traceability claims can be easily refuted, and the uncertainty intervals may not be properly calculated that may impact the reliability of out-of-tolerance recordings. Calibration filters “certified” using one of the prevailing outdated routine calibration procedures may lack the necessary quality properties that are required for scientific defensibility of the calibration sticker affixed to the laboratory instrument. Fortunately, laboratory risk which transcends the current calibration sticker when using a spectrophotometer that has been “qualified” using poorly calibrated filters can be easily avoided by choosing a credentialed commercial calibration company for the recertification.

Stranaska Scientific is grateful to all of our customers around the world who have wisely chosen to embrace our unique NIST heritage and expert guidance in our spectrophotometer measurement services. We are gratified that our customers in doing so recognize the importance of elevating the scientific validity and defensibility of their spectrophotometer calibration programs above that of prevailing outdated industry practices. We continue to appreciate the opportunity to support your valuable UV/VIS spectrophotometer calibration programs with our experience and leadership in analytical spectrophotometric metrology. We are especially proud to be a facilitating partner in upgrading the quality of UV/VIS spectrophotometer calibrations in analytical laboratories throughout the FDA-regulated industry as a vital means of enhancing consumer health and safety around the world.

Stranaska Scientific leverages its unique NIST heritage and analytical spectrophotometric metrological expertise – an esteemed collective attribute that can not be truthfully claimed or duplicated by any other global commercial calibration company or corporate metrology laboratory. As such, Stranaska Scientific operates the one and only commercial measurement standards and services program that offers advanced calibration models for the certification and recertification of UV/VIS standards (both cuvette-style and microplate absorbance filters) in a science-based manner. A motivational goal of the Stranaska Scientific program is to help expose and eliminate out-dated commercial calibration methodogies still in practice which contribute to poorly “calibrated” filters that can jeopardize the scientific validity and defensibility of spectrophotometer AIQ and consequently put laboratory measurement results at risk in an FDA-regulated laboratory.

Stranaska Scientific LLC has the ONLY spectrophotometer filter calibration laboratory in the world that can PROVE and DEMONSTRATE its NIST heritage!​ This is critically important because the scientific credibility of the certified results of a UV/VIS filter can not be any better that the scientific validity and defensibility of the analytical measurement design of the calibration procedure used for the certification.

The conceptual proof and transparency of the experimental realization of a calibration laboratory’s declaration of metrological traceability is a key quality measure of its technical competence for UV/VIS filter recertification. Our traceability data resource document, which provides additional support to this Report of Calibration, is available post-calibration at any time at separate cost through Stranaska Scientific Documentation Services.

Stranaska Scientific offers several types of measurement services including the following:

  • Recertifications

This is our most common type of measurement service. Our customers return their filter sets to us on a periodic basis so that we can clean the filters and update their certified reference values before returning the filters to field service use. Recertification is preferred over removing a filter set from field service use and replacing it with a new reference standard. Repeated recertifications of a filter set over time allow a run chart of the certified values to be established which is important in analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology.

  • Exit Calibrations

Sometimes, however, it is practical to remove a filter set from field service use. An example may be that the laboratory method has changed and the filter set is no longer appropriate. An exit calibration is critical because it is necessary to complete the calibration cycle for the filter set.

  • Initial Calibrations

This is a growing component of our measurement services. The laboratory may have purchased a 3rd-party measurement standard because of its low price but then realized that the certification is not science based. For example, the Certificate of Calibration lacks the transparency to substantiate the claim of metrological traceability, and the uncertainty intervals assigned to the “certified” reference values are not current and valid. To salvage the new reference standard, but before placing it into field service use, we certify the new standard with the appropriate scope of calibration using an advanced calibration model.

Recertification of Standard “Cuvette” and Microplate Filters

  • Resolution Test Filters
  • Stray Light Test Filters
  • Wavelength Scale Test Filters
  • Photometric Scale Test Filters

Minimizing Customer Risk

The flawed content of the calibration certificates of most commercial UV/VIS calibration and corporate metrology laboratories clearly exposes a prevailing out-dated industry practice that ignores the fundamental principles and concepts of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometric metrology. Such legacy calibration models based on out-dated UV/VIS calibration methodologies reflect overly simplistic scientific insight and low measurement rigor – perhaps adequate for some inexperienced auditors for regulatory compliance-based spectrophotometer AIQ – but NOT RECOMMENDED for value-added, scienced-based spectrophotometer AIQ that is becoming better understood by some experienced auditors and regulatory inspectors. Stranaska Scientific is the world leader in the development and implementation of advanced calibration models for the certification of UV/VIS filters.