We fully support the following local law enforcement agencies:

  • Fort Collins Police Services
  • Colorado State University Police Department
  • Larimer County Sheriffs Office

Our local law enforcement agencies pride themselves in their unparalleled training programs and procedural transparency.  We appreciate the dedication, commitment and integrity of all of the brave officers who place their lives on the line everyday to protect the citizens of Fort Collins and Larimer County. Here in Fort Collins we truly are fortunate to have highly-trained officers who are capable of making appropriate, instantaneous, split-second decisions in the immediate face of danger to deter threats to property and personal safety.

We are also a staunch advocate of all measures that counter cyber-bullying and its destructive effects. The immaturity and cowardice of cyber-bullies, including the intimidating behavior of texters of all ages, has a devastating impact on the shredding of our societal fabric. We appreciate the unconditional presence of law enforcement and their focused efforts and mission to combat the menacing behaviors of all self-centered cyber-bullies who must resort to deceitful and intimidating actions with their hurtful text messages.

We are truly honored to have personal friendships with many of the patrol and school resource officers in the local community and are grateful that we can count on them when needed.