The core operational business unit of Stranaska Scientific LLC provides laboratory services that facilitate the quality control, performance evaluation and qualification of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers. Our science-based measurement standards and recertification programs are developed by Dr. Jerry Messman, the former leader of the NIST Analytical Chemistry Spectrophotometric SRM Program. The laboratory certification of our new standards and the recertification of customer standards are the responsibility of Melissa Hartwell, Assistant Director and Laboratory Leader.

UV/VIS Measurement Standards

Our measurement artifact standards include spectrophotometric filters derived from both solid optics and chemical solutions sealed in fused silica cuvettes:
      • Holmium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
      • Didymium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
      • Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
      • Potassium Dichromate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
      • Neutral-Density Glass Filters
      • Metal-on-Quartz Filters

UV/VIS Measurement Services

Our one-stop laboratory measurement services program is recognized world-wide for leadership in the development of science-based calibration models and procedures applicable to UV/VIS filters designed to test spectral resolution, stray light properties, wavelength scale accuracy and photometric scale accuracy. The science-based quality of Stranaska Scientific measurements are designed to withstand the intense scrutiny of regulatory inspectors and quality auditors that are knowledgeable in analytical spectrophotometric metrology. With our metrological expertise and capability, we are able to specialize in the following types of UV/VIS absorption measurements:

      • Recertification
      • Exit Calibration
      • Science-Based Upgrade of 3rd-Party “Certified” Filters
We recertify NIST SRM filters, Stranaska and Refmacal brand CRM and CA2M filters, and ALL third-party spectrophotometer UV/VIS filters in both cuvette and microplate formats.