Designated with a federal registration trademark, Stranaska® symbolizes and honors the term ‘analytical metrology’ which was first coined more than 25 years ago by Dr. Jerry Messman to reflect the strategic quality overlap of analytical measurements and metrology in science and engineering. Jerry describes analytical metrology as measurement-centric chemistry (MCC), a new emerging hybrid discipline of the analytical and physical sciences that underpins a value-added chemistry education. In his view, a high school science education is incomplete and under-valued if the student had not been exposed to the principles, concepts and real-world scope of analytical metrology.

Analytical Metrology – a hybrid discipline of chemical measurement science that transcends the traditional realms of analytical chemistry and scientific metrology.

Analytical metrology is an advanced chemistry discipline that underpins the scientific validity and defensibility of procedures used in the qualification and quality control (QC) of analytical instrumentation used in testing labs throughout the United States. When the concepts of analytical metrology are not the cornerstone of laboratory test procedures, the measurement results may be unknowingly flawed due to insidious errors that may not be fully accounted for. Analytical measurement results that are unknowingly flawed can lead to wrongful interpretations of research study data, health and safety issues with consumer products that should not have been released to the public, unreasonable regulatory action limits, and unsound legislative policies.