An extensive suite of STRANASKA® reference material artifacts has been developed to test the following fundamental parameters of analytical UV/VIS absorption spectrophotometers:

  • Resolution or Spectral Bandwidth
  • Stray Radiant Energy (SRE) or Stray Light
  • Wavelength Scale
  • Photometric Scale

These four (4) instrumental parameters are specified by USP in accordance with requirements for analytical instrument qualification (AIQ) in FDA-regulated laboratories. Analytical procedures for spectrophotometer AIQ may result in an “under-qualified” condition if all four parameters are not tested. An “under-qualified” AIQ may jeopardize the validity of the calibration sticker affixed to the spectrophotometer which, in turn, may adversely impact laboratory management interpretation and decisions regarding measurement results of the analytical methods run on the instrument.

The suite of STRANASKA® reference material artifacts are offered in both CRM and CA2M brands:

  • CRM brand – the economical choice based on legacy calibration methodologies in which the certification rigor is intentionally downgraded in order to be in closer alignment with prevailing out-dated standard industry practices.
  • CA2M brand – a significant enhancement of the CRM brand which is based on advanced calibration methodologies in which the certification rigor in underpinned by first principles of analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology.

Order Placement and Payment Information

Stranaska’s spectrophotometric measurement standards are acquired by providing valid credit card information (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX)  or by issuing an authorized purchase order directly to Stranaska Scientific LLC. The purchase order must clearly include: (i) the product name and number of the measurement standard, (ii) quotation reference order number, and (iii) the correct cost of the measurement standard. The purchase order must also have explicit billing instruction and accounts payable contact information. Purchase requisitions are not accepted in lieu of authorized purchase orders. International orders and/or drop shipments may require payment in advance.

Contact Information

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