In its unrelentless quest for healthy scientific skepticsm and truth in areas involving chemical metrology, Stranaska Scientific is committed to providing support to its loyal following on issues that impact the scientific validity and defensibility of analytical measurements. In particular, the company advocates on behalf of its customers that opt for the highest advanced calibration methodologies in the certification of UV/VIS filters used in the USP qualification of analytical spectrophotometers.

Stranaska Scientific continues to report on incidents exposing scientific misconduct, misrepresentation, fraud and junk science. Examples include revealing proven errors in reference values and unsubstantiated claims of traceability reported in Certificates of Calibration, many of which are from laboratories accredited to ISO 17025.

  • Qualification of Analytical Spectrophotometers
  • Metrological Traceability
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • UV/VIS Filter Calibration Models

Stranaska Scientific is committed to using its experience and expertise in analytical metrology to improve or reinforce the scientific defensibility of your laboratory’s analytical measurement assurance programs.