Stranaska Scientific Laboratory


Measurement Standards and Services



Our measurement standard artifacts include spectrophotometric filters derived from both solid optics and chemical solutions sealed in fused silica cuvettes:

    • Holmium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Didymium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Potassium Dichromate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Neutral-Density Glass Filters
    • Metal-on-Quartz Filters

Stranaska Scientific proudly announces the development of a new reference material standard for the qualification of analytical UV spectrophotometers.

Stranaska CA2M 762

Three (3) solid filters attenuate incident light in the UV by absorption only – NOT REFLECTION which is the primary attenuation mechanism for the NIST SRM 2031 series and commercial metal-on-quartz (MOQ) standards. If you need to qualify a spectrophotometer in the UV spectral range and are not satisfied with MOQ testing results, the Stranaska CA2M 762 may be exactly what you need.



Our measurement services program features world-class calibration and documentation of filters for analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers and microplate readers:

    • Recertifications
      • Stranaska and Refmacal CRM Brands
      • Stranaska CA2M Brands
      • NIST Standards – SRM 930, SRM 1930, SRM 2930, SRM 2031, SRM 2034
      • “Certified” 3rd-Party Standards – Science-Based Upgrades
      • “Certified” ABS1 Microplates – Science-Based Upgrades
    • Exit Calibrations
    • Initial Calibrations