Stranaska Scientific LLC


Analytical Spectrophotometric Metrology Laboratory



Our measurement standard artifacts include spectrophotometric filters derived from both solid optics and chemical solutions sealed in fused silica cuvettes:

    • Holmium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Didymium Oxide Glass and Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Cobalt-Nickel-Nitrate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Potassium Dichromate Sealed Cuvette Solutions
    • Neutral-Density Glass Filters
    • Metal-on-Quartz Filters

Stranaska Scientific proudly announces the development of three (3) new glass reference material standards for laboratory quality control (QC) and qualification of analytical absorption spectrophotometers – no longer a need for chemical solutions sealed in fragile cuvettes and their SDS documentation!

The metrological scopes of laboratory analytical spectrophotometric methods have expanded over time since the development and introduction of most NIST photometric SRMs. We now have good news for analytical QC laboratory managers faced with this challenging dilemma, and we encourage them to consider using our newest CA2M suite of standards for enhanced data integrity and scientific defensibility.


Our measurement services program features world-class calibration and documentation of filters for analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometers and microplate readers:

    • Recertifications
      • Stranaska and Refmacal CRM Brands
      • Stranaska CA2M Brands
      • NIST Standards – SRM 930, SRM 1930, SRM 2930, SRM 2031, SRM 2034
      • “Certified” 3rd-Party Standards – Science-Based Upgrades
      • “Certified” ABS1 Microplates – Science-Based Upgrades
    • Exit Calibrations
    • Initial Calibrations