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As a worldwide leader in analytical metrology, Stranaska Scientific develops and promotes rigorous and insightful science-based paradigms for analytical measurement processes used in chemical analysis and testing.

Through its laboratory calibration and educational outreach programs, Stranaska Scientific bridges the metrological gap between a national metrology institute (NMI) and a routine applied laboratory so that the laboratory data and measurement results will have scientific integrity, validity and defensibility. This website provides insight into the Stranaska perspective on UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology and scientific forensic metrology.

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With its 20 plus years of experience in analytical spectrophotometric metrology, Stranaska Scientific continues to champion the measurement quality assurance benefits and value of modern metrological practices for the performance evaluation and qualification of UV/VIS spectrophotometers, HPLC detectors, microplate readers, photometric analyzers and related spectroscopic analytical instrumentation. Spectrophotometric reference material artifacts, calibration measurement services and educational outreach programs underpin the company’s collective means to ensure value-added laboratory compliance with analytical measurement objectives, quality assurance goals and regulatory requirements. Read More >> Modern analytical metrology plays a vital role in the pursuit of criminal justice when quantitative chemical analysis and scientific testing of crime scene evidence is required. The metrological soundness and quality of instrumental calibration procedures and reference material artifacts can impact courtroom decisions and outcomes on the admissibility of analytical measurement data and results. Metrology also can be key to expert witness testimony. Stranaska Scientific promotes the understanding and proper use of sound metrological principles and concepts in forensic chemical analysis to facilitate valid test data and laboratory measurement results of high interpretational value and scientific integrity. Read More >>