Only Stranaska Scientific Customers Realize Reduced UV/VIS Spectrophotometric Calibration Risk

Stranaska Scientific leverages its unique NIST heritage and analytical spectrophotometric metrological expertise – a prestigious attribute that can not be truthfully claimed or duplicated by any other global commercial UV/VIS calibration company or corporate metrology laboratory. As such, Stranaska Scientific operates the one and only commercial measurement services program that offers advanced calibration models for the recertification of UV/VIS standards (both cuvette-style and microplate absorbance filters) in a science-based manner.

A salient component of the mission of Stranaska Scientific is to educate FDA-regulated laboratories in analytical spectrophotometric metrology so that their UV/VIS measurement results will have credibility, validity and scientific defensibility. This can be achieved in part by realizing the critical need to expose and eliminate out-dated commercial calibration methodologies that still remain unchallenged in practice which contribute to poorly “calibrated” filters with “certified” calibration results that have no scientific validity and defensibility. FDA-regulated laboratories that do not recognize such unscrupulous calibration practices place themselves at unnecessary risk by jeopardizing the scientific validity and defensibility of their spectrophotometer AIQ and measurement results. Learn now how to easily recognize the most critical risk factors when selecting your next commercial UV/VIS calibration company or corporate metrology laboratory.

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