Metrology – The Scientific Cornerstone to
Confidence in Analytical Measurement Test Results

Central to Science-Based Acquisition of Analytical Measurement Data for
Meaningful Interpretation, Defensible Decisions and Strategic Planning

Essential to Analytical Measurement Study Design for Avoiding
Flawed Testing Outcomes – False Negatives and False Positives

Stranaska Scientific – The Critical Thought Leader
in Laboratory Spectrophotometric Metrology


Laboratory Services

        • UV/VIS Measurement Standards
        • UV/VIS Measurement Services
          • Recertification
          • Exit Calibration
          • Science-Based Upgrade of “Certified” 3rd-Party Standards

Educational Outreach

        • Stranaska Analytical Metrology Education Center – SAMEC
          • SAMEC Academic
          • SAMEC Professional
        • Stranaska Press


Attention FDA-Regulated Healthcare Laboratories

Analytical UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Qualification in Pandemic Restricted-Access Campus Laboratories – Consumable and Rental Reference Materials for Self-Calibration

Contact us at labsales@stranaska.com or 970-282-3840 for more details and information on how we can help your laboratory during this stressful time of restricted laboratory operations due to the added precautions taken during the current novel coronavirus crisis.